Portage Pool

Frequently Asked Questions

* Portage Pool is now open to the public.

*Our Spring/Summer 2021 guide is now available and lesson registration is now open. To view the most up to date information please visit http://www.boldcenter.ca/activellb or contact Portage Pool at (780) 623-6777.

Public Swimming FAQ

How do we share space while lap swimming?

I’m new to public swimming, what do I need to know?

What are your pool rules?

Swimming Lesson FAQ

How do I figure out what level of swimming lessons my child should be registered in?

How is my child evaluated?

My child failed their swimming lessons! What do we do?

Do I need to get into the pool with my child during lessons?

What equipment does my child need to take lessons?

We took lessons at another pool. Can I transfer my child’s progress to Portage Pool?

My child was in Preschool Swim but is now 6 years old: what Red Cross Swim level do they go into?

What happens if my child is sick?

What happens when my child completes all of the Red Cross Swim levels?

Is financial assistance available?

Can I just put my child into private lessons every session?