The Bold Center offers a variety of drop-in, public use, and leisure-based opportunities throughout the year.  Scheduled activities are based on interest, demand, and facility availability.  Schedules are subject to change from time to time based on community events, tournaments, and large-scale bookings.  Fieldhouse courts and ice are available for rent for individual and group use.  Please contact the Bookings department by calling 780-623-6370 or for details.

OPEN ICE: The Bold Center and Plamondon arenas make OPEN ice available when not being used for bookings, cleaning, or maintenance. Please note: open ice opportunities are more limited during hockey season.

The type of use is decided on a first come first served (e.g. public skate or hockey). Please phone the Bold Centre Front desk at 780-623-3829 to check availability.

Helmets are required for users under 16 years old (supervision by a responsible person 12 years or older is required for kids 8 years and younger). Proper equipment including helmets and gloves required for all public times when sticks & pucks are on ice (full hockey gear recommended) Issues or concerns regarding supervision or conduct of others should be brought to staff’s attention immediately.

PUBLIC SKATE: all age, no pucks or sticks. Helmets are required for users under 16 years old. FAMILY HOCKEY: children up to 12 years (parent-supervision required for children under 8 years.

2-FOR-1 SHINNY HOCKEY: Ages 12-17 (2 play for the price of 1- up to 28 players on the ice).

$5 PICK-UP HOCKEY: ages 18 and up (max 28 players).

DRY SURFACE: Public time for scooters, hoverboards, skateboards, and roller-blades.


Public Ice

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