Bold Center Relaunch FAQ (updated July 17, 2020)

Published: August 10, 2020

Bold Center Relaunch FAQ

Updated July 20, 2020

When is the Bold Center reopening?

Portions of the Bold Center opened to the public on July 2, 2020. Starting Monday, July 20, the Bold Center will extend hours for the Cenovus Fitness Centre, Canadian Natural Walking Track, and Cenovus Fieldhouse 2. The new hours for the foreseeable future are:

Monday to Friday: 6 am to 9 pm
Saturday & Sunday: 11 am to 7 pm

It is recommended that Guests book workouts in advance at the Cenovus Fitness Centre during peak hours (Monday to Friday, 6 am to 8 am & 4 pm to 9 pm).

Other new information:

Why won’t the Bold Center have its usual operating hours?

This is a starting point. To meet current COVID-19 safety protocols, there are increased safety measures and cleaning practices we need to follow, and limits to the number of amenities and facilities we can open. Being open from 12-8 p.m. allows those who work during the day to come to the Bold Center after regular work hours, and also allows those who may be considered vulnerable to visit earlier in the afternoon. Our hope is we will be able to increase our operating hours soon.

What facilities and amenities will be available starting July 2?

Facilities that are permitted to open include:

What facilities and amenities will NOT be available starting July 2?

*Expected to reopen as part of Stage 3 of the Government of Alberta’s Relaunch Strategy.

What can I expect when I arrive at the Bold Center?

For everyone’s safety and wellbeing, all guests will be required to complete a COVID-19 screening before accessing the Bold Center. Staff will greet guests at the main entrance and conduct the screening (the public will not be able to use the back entrance). The screening consists of a checklist, and all personal information collected will be kept confidential. Members will be checked in, while pre-booked drop-in users will be encouraged to pay over the phone with a credit card prior to arriving (in-person payments will also be accepted).

Please stay home if you display any signs/symptoms of COVID-19, as you will not be permitted to enter the Bold Center. Common COVID-19 symptoms include but are not limited to:

Do I need to wear a mask?

Wearing a mask is not recommended for recreation program or fitness class participants. We do encourage users to follow physical distancing protocols at all times (except those in family/friend cohorts). You may see Bold Center employees wearing masks when physical distancing is not possible, or if they simply feel more comfortable wearing masks.

Masks are required for Community Access Bus and Paratransit Bus passengers and drivers.

What measures are you taking to ensure user safety?

When and how can I get in to work out?

To start, the Cenovus Fitness Centre will be limited to a maximum of 20 users at once. Members and passholders will have priority to pre-book.

The new hours for the foreseeable future are:

Monday to Friday: 6 am to 9 pm
Saturday & Sunday: 11 am to 7 pm

Guests must book workouts in advance at the Cenovus Fitness Centre during peak hours (Monday to Friday, 6 am to 8 am & 4 pm to 9 pm.

Staff will clean in between users’ workouts, and thoroughly clean the entire area at the end of each day.

Will cardio equipment be spaced out, or will there be limited usage allowed?

We can’t move all of our cardio equipment, so these pieces of equipment will have 30-minute time limits for the time being, to ensure all users have an opportunity to use them. Users can change cardio machines after 30 minutes, though.

How do I book my workout times?

Members and passholders can call to book and reserve time slots. Please call the Bold Center at (780) 623-3829 and press 0 to speak to a customer service representative.

Drop-ins are welcome and will be accepted if space permits in the fitness areas. We strongly encourage both members and drop-in guests/users to call ahead to avoid disappointment, especially during peak usage times.

There won’t be public access to locker rooms and steam rooms. Users should arrive in workout clothing (clean indoor shoes still required). Day use lockers are available to store belongings, and these lockers will be cleaned after every use.

Can I book multiple dates/times at once?

This is our first time handling this type of situation, so for now members/passholders will be given priority to call and book more than one workout time slot ahead of time. If we experience high demand and can’t accommodate user volumes, we may need to reassess. Drop-in guests/users can call up to 24 hours in advance to book an available space.

Do I need to book times to use Cenovus Fieldhouse 2 or the Canadian Natural Walking Track?

No, because these areas allow for easier physical distancing, but user numbers will still be monitored to ensure COVID-19 safety protocols are being followed. As the Province updates restrictions, we will post new information outside of all activity areas. Users are encouraged to check with staff monitoring these areas and, where possible, bring their own equipment like balls, racquets, etc. to reduce contact and equipment-sharing. The middle lane of the Canadian Natural Walking Track will be closed to allow distancing and passing in the outside lane.

What other changes can I expect when using Cenovus Fieldhouse 2?

A limited number of users will be allowed in the Cenovus Fieldhouse at one time, so everyone can practice physical distancing. A maximum of 10 people will be permitted on each court, unless the group is a family/friend cohort, in which case up to 15 people will be permitted. Employees will have discretion to adjust these numbers if necessary, depending on the situation.

Users can stay in the Cenovus Fieldhouse for a maximum of one hour, as a courtesy to others who may be waiting. If no other users are waiting, then this time limit may be extended. Users must be actively using the fieldhouse (not simply loitering or socializing). We ask that users congregate and socialize outside the Bold Center as much as possible.

Equipment-sharing is not allowed unless all participants are from the same household. This does not include pucks and soccer balls, as long as participants are not touching the items with their hands.

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