Wibit Aquatrack

What is it?

The Aquatrack is an inflatable obstacle course that goes on the water, secured to either side of the pool. It’s made up of 6 inflatable items (see names below) attached together to form the Aquatrack.

Who can use it?

In addition to our usual facility admission and supervision rules, we have some requirements for kids using the Aquatrack:

  • Kids aged 0-3 are not allowed to use the Aquatrack or Wibit items
  • Kids aged 4-6 can use the Aquatrack and any Wibit item, as long as they wear a lifejacket and go on with a caregiver (competent swimmer aged 12+). The caregiver should be there to help the child throughout, and should go through the track BEHIND the child.
  • Kids aged 7-11 who have a YELLOW wristband, must wear a lifejacket while using the Aquatrack, but do not need to go through with a caregiver.
  • Kids aged 7-11 who have a GREEN wristband can use the Aquatrack or Wibit items without a lifejacket.

NOTE: When the Aquatrack is setup, no other swimming can happen in the main pool. This means that kids with yellow wristbands CANNOT attempt the swim test during Wibit swims.

More rules…

There are a few more rules in place to ensure the safety of our guests and staff. While the Aquatrack is super fun, it also poses some supervision challenges  for the lifeguards, and some risks of minor injuries for users.

Check out rules here, they are also available at Portage Pool and posted at the beginning of the Aquatrack.

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