The Wristband System


Red wristbands will be given to children 6 and under to show that they must be within arms’ reach of a caregiver at all times, in all pools, even while wearing a lifejacket.


Yellow wristbands will be given to children aged 7-11 to show that they must take the swim test or that they must have direct supervision from a caregiver within arms’ reach at all times, and in all pools. Children with yellow wristbands may choose to take the swim test, however if they do not complete the swim test, they will keep the yellow wristband and will only be allowed in certain parts of the pool.


Children aged 7-11 who complete the swim test will be given a new green wristband to show that they have completed the swim test. They will be allowed in all parts of the pool without direct supervision from a caregiver, however children under age 12 must still have a guardian in the facility while they swim.


What is the swim test?

The swim test is based on the Lifesaving Society’s Swim to Survive standard. Children who wish to do the swim test should ask a lifeguard. Lifeguards may also ask children to do the swim test.

  1. Jump feet first into deep water and go underwater;
  2. Surface and swim 25m comfortably on their stomach without stopping or resting;
  3. Tread water comfortably for 1 minute, keeping both mouth and nose above the water at all times.

The child must complete each part of the swim test to the satisfaction of the lifeguard giving the swim test. Swimmers will not complete the swim test if they:

  • Touch the sides of the pool
  • Touch the bottom of the pool
  • Swim on their back
  • Are a weak swimmer
  • Go underwater while treading water
  • Are weak when treading water

Lifeguards will use their good judgement to make a decision on the swim test. Please remember that the lifeguard’s main duty is to prevent water related accidents and please respect their decision. If you have questions about the test, speak to the pool supervisor or aquatic services coordinator.


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