Swim to Survive

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Swim to Survive teaches essentials skills needed to survive an unexpected fall into deep water – an important first step to being safe around water. Children of all ages are encourage to participate in Swim to Survive, although it is not a replacement for regular swimming lessons.

The Swim to Survive standard is the minimum swim skills needed to survive an unexpected fall into deep water. Because most drownings occur close to safety and most victims had no intention of going into the water.
  1. Roll into deep water
  2. Tread water for 1 minute
  3. Swim 50 meters
All participants who participate in Swim to Survive at Portage Pool receive a participation certificate and sticker to document their accomplishment.

Why Swim to Survive?

According to the Lifesaving Society Ontario branch:

  • About half of Canadian children never take traditional swimming lessons.
  • Swimming skills need to be taught and all children deserve the chance to learn.
  • Research shows that most drownings occur close to safety. If every child in Canada could pass the Swim to Survive standard, it could reduce the number of drownings by half.

For more information on Swim to Survive in Alberta, visit the Alberta Lifesaving Society.

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