Frequently Asked Questions

When can my child start swimming lessons?

Your child can start swimming lessons as young as 4 months old in the Red Cross Preschool program. In our experience, many children who begin learning to swim early have an easier time learning skills such as back floats and bobbing underwater as they progress to the un-parented Preschool levels.

What level do I register my child in?

It is important to enrol in the correct level so that the child is challenged, kept active and safe, and learns effectively in a group of similarly skilled peers. Any of our instructors can assist you in choosing the appropriate level for your child. Portage Pool also offers free swim assessments; contact the Pool Front Desk for details. You can also bring in an old report card from another facility to help place your child in the right level.

How do I register my child in swimming lessons?

You can stop by the front desk of Portage Pool or Bold Centre during our regular open hours and register in person using cash, credit, debit, or check. You can also register over the phone using a credit card.

When can my child switch from the Preschool to the Swim Kids program?

Children aged 5-6 can start taking the Red Cross Swim Kids Program. Portage Pool uses this conversion chart to make sure that children who are switching from the Preschool program to the Swim Kids program end up in the right level. You don’t need to complete all of the Preschool levels before enrolling in the Swim Kids program. All children aged 6 and older will be asked to register in the Swim Kids program.

What do I do with the report card at the end of the session?

Keep it! The report cards are designed to be reused as children progress through the Swim Kids and Preschool program. Use the report card to keep track or your child’s progress and to remember all of your child’s achievements. If you are not here on the last day of lessons to pick up your report card, Portage Pool will mail them out the following week – please ensure that your mailing address is accurate in our system.

What equipment does my child need for swimming lessons?

A bathing suit and a good attitude! Children in preschool don’t need any equipment besides a bathing suit. Parents of children with chronic ear infections may choose to use ear plugs to prevent water from entering their ears. Goggles are not recommended for Sea Turtle, Sea Otter, or Salamander. Although goggles are not required in the Swim Kids program, we recommend that children begin using goggles in level 3 and up. It is also recommended that children with long hair secure it with an elastic and/or in a swim cap to prevent it from getting in their faces as they swim.

What do I do when my child completes all of the Swim Kids levels?

If your child completes up to level 10 of the Swim Kids program and is interested in continuing to develop their aquatic skills, consider enrolling your child in some leadership courses! Check out the leadership page to learn more about courses that we offer.

How can I get financial assistance for enrolling my child in swimming?

Yes! Portage Pool accepts KidSport applications. For more information ask at the front desk at Portage Pool or the Bold Center and take a look at the KidSport 2017 Application.

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